Our mission is to provide support and assistance to women affected by breast cancer. We are dedicated to assisting you, whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment, recently completed treatment, living with metastases or years beyond diagnosis.  We are also here for your family, friends and caregivers. We want to empower women to live as long as possible with the best quality of life.  


A diagnosis of cancer causes substantial physical and emotional reactions.  This is a life changing event.  Joining a Breast Cancer Support group can help you learn more about the disease, your treatment options, resources, and coping mechanisms.  There are many different types of breast cancer support groups. There are face to face groups as well as online support groups. No matter which type of support group you choose, you are sure to benefit from becoming a member. 

Benefits of Breast Cancer Support Groups

  1. Enhancement of knowledge about breast cancer and related issues
  2. Safe place to express your feelings
  3. Sense of acceptance through sharing a common experience
  4. Avoidance of social isolation
  5. Discovery of resources
  6. Feeling of belonging